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The Freedom to Read!

As my 95-year-old mother-in-law's macular degeneration progressed, she could no longer read even the largest text in her Kindle app. But, with the large viewing size of EZReader and its extremely easy-to-use features, she was able to read books again. Since that start with the capability of reading books, EZReader has grown to offer a complete suite of electronic capabilities to users with vision impairments.  Touch screen operation ensures that the EZReader software is easy to use for users with minimal computer skills.

Book reading, email and text messaging, cameras, calendar, screen magnification and more are now part of the EZReader suite of applications - designed specifically for users with vision impairments.

The standard 24" version of EZReader can be placed on a desk or table. A wall-mounted 21" version is also available which can be extended from the wall to a comfortable viewing position over your favorite chair!  And a third model is also available with an very large 32" screen for displaying more information on the screen at one time!

Additional products supportive of users with vision impairments are offered as shown below.