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Document Indexer

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gbIndexer is an extremely capable document indexer. Just drop a document onto gbIndexer to automatically index the file.


  • Accepts *.txt, *.bas, *inc, *.bat, *.pdf, *.rtf, *.xml, *.htm, *.html file formats
  • To import DOC/DOCX, user must first convert file to *.rtf
  • File Viewer with word wrapping
  • Index List, containing word, word count and pages where word if found
  • Display file viewer only, index list only, or both
  • Word list is sorted A-Z
  • Scroll/search indexed file
  • Display "A", "B","C" separators between word entires
  • Expanded page list (1,2,3,5,7,8) or Collapsed page list (1-3,5,7-8)
  • Remove words from the list
  • Set number of lines per Page in text files
  • Specify valid word characters
  • Remove numeric words from list
  • Show/hide common word list
  • Copy index to clipboard
  • Export index CSV file
  • Open CSV file in user's default client
  • Print index