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EZReader (12" Tablet)
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EZReader (12" Tablet)

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EZReader is a complete computer system that includes a suite of customer software components specifically designed for users with visual impairments. 

The software includes a digital book reader, an email client (with text messaging), document camera software, an internet browser, an online-radio player, multiple games and an image gallery! 

This version of EZReader does not include a camera.

This model is a 12" touch-screen tablet.  It provides the same software as other models but with the mobility for users on the go.

Every aspect of EZReader was designed with visual impairments in mind. Everything you can see or touch can be adjusted to fit your individual needs - sizes, colors, and simplicity of the screen are all under control of the user.

The EZReader software is significantly less visually complex than software typically found on computers. It's  easy to use, yet offers the full set of features that users need to interact with friends and family.