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EZCamera (Basic)
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EZCamera (Basic)

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EZCamera (Basic) consists of a document camera and a 27" monitor for allowing viewing of printed materials at high zoom factors. 

In addition to the large 27" monitor, the camera provides several features for viewing printed materials:

  • Zoom - enlarge the image to make it easy for low vision users to view documents
  • Filter - change the image color to black/white, white black and other colors to improve contrast for better viewing
  • Rotate - rotate the image to a desired position
  • Exposure (Darken/Lighten) - set brightness to a comfortable setting for the user
  • Focus - auto and manual focus
  • Built-In Light - to provide additional lighting for easier viewing

Enjoy reading your newspaper, books and mail once again with EZCamera (Basic). It is easy to set up and even easier to use!

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